Past course participants have found the following books useful:

For Assignment 1 and Language Terminology

Either     Practical English Usage M. Swan (New Edition) (Oxford University Press)

or           GramMarch for English Language Teachers M. Parrot (Cambridge University Press)

or              Exploring English A. Marchsh (Lehrerselbstverlag)

For General Background

Either       How to Teach English J. Harmer (Longman)

or Learning Teaching J. Scrivener (Heinemann)

For creative teaching ideas (after the course)

All the above books are normally available at Merlin Library in Mountbatten Street Blata l-Bajda and Bisazza Street, Sliema.

The Creative Teacher’s Compendium: an A-Z guide of creative activities for the language classroom   Alan Marsh and Antonia Claire (Pavilion ELT) -english/the-creative-teachers-compendium

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