Online TEFL Certification Course by Alan Marsh




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The first course in 2022:

Mar 22 – Apr 14 2022

4-week Evening course

Weekdays (4 days a week) 17.15-20.30 CET

and two more courses (June 08- June 30 and Sept 05 – Sept 30 2022)

About the Course

The OnlineTEFLTeacher online TEFL Cert. course is an online certificate course for teachers and includes 45 online sessions.  These sessions include:

  1. Input sessions (workshops/ seminars/ demonstration lessons)
  2. Supervised lesson planning and preparation
  3. Teaching practice where you learn to teach online and in person, consisting of two separate teaching slots for a minimum total of 35 assessed minutes
  4. Verbal and written feedback on teaching
  5. Peer observation
  6. Lesson Observation

Candidates will also need to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours for the required research, assignments and lesson preparation.

Please note that the following will appear on the course certificate:

1. Attendance Percentage

2. Assignment Grades

3. Teaching Practice Grades

What do I need to do to get a permit to teach EFL in Malta?

Current regulations state that in order to teach English Language in Malta, a teacher needs to be in possession of an ELT Council Permit

a. you should be at least 18 years of age when you apply for a permit
b. you should have a Matriculation standard of education (i.e. sufficient for entry into a university and recognised at National Qualifications Framework level 4) if you are under the age of 21
c. you should have a Pass grade or higher in the ELT Council TELT examination or a comparable qualification in English* not inferior to Grade C at Advanced level*. Since COVID-19 has disrupted the usual timetable of TELT exams, the ELT Council is hosting a new session this year to accommodate prospective teachers FREE OF CHARGE.

  • * An A-level in English Literature will not be accepted. An A-level in English has to have a language/linguistics component. If the certificate specifically states ‘English Literature’, then the ELT Council will not accept it.

d. you should have an ELT Council approved certificate (such as the Online TEFL Teacher’s TEFL Cert) in the methodology of teaching English language to speakers of other languages or any comparable qualification recognised at a minimum of level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework approved by the ELT Council
NB You do not need c. and d. if you possess an international certificate at National Qualifications Framework level 5 in English language teaching to speakers of other languages (such as, for example, the Cambridge ESOL CELTA, the Trinity Cert. TESOL) or a higher qualification from a recognised institution as approved by the Council. These include, for example, the Cambridge ESOL DELTA, Trinity Dip. TESOL, MA TESOL or MA ELT.

e. A SEPTT certificate at Bank 3 or higher, The SEPTT exam will require all candidates to have already undertaken a TEFL methodology
course e.g. our TEFL Cert. Course.

Preparing for SEPTT

We offer a three-hour course Preparing for SEPTT. SEPTT exam sessions (a test of spoken classroom English where tasks will assume a familiarity with TEFL methodologies) run once every month and are a requirement only for applicants applying for a NEW ELT Permit. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ELT Council has waived the SEPTTexamination fee during 2020.

f. you should have a currently valid clean conduct certificate from the Commissioner of Police.

Please note that …

You need to apply for a permit no later than 36 months after the date on your TEFL certificate and no later than 24 months after the date on your TELT certificate

You do not need to possess these requirements in order to join our TEFL Cert. Courses. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Director of Studies/Academic Manager, who will ask to interview you in order to assess your level of spoken English. However, by the time you apply for a permit you will need to satisfy the other requirements.

More info

More info can be found at: ELT Council Malta

We hope that you find the course stimulating and enjoyable.

Alan Marsh
Course Leader