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Substitution Drilling for Better Language Acquisition – Lesson Plan

As JJ Wilson and other speakers at the 4th ELT Malta Conference pointed out, drills can be extremely boring in class. In the Activity that I’d like to share with you here, substitution drills are creatively conducted to avoid
the ‘head drilling’

…and still have the benefit of the practice that drilling offers

Lesson information
Age group: Teenagers/Young Adults
Level: Intermediate and above
Time needed: 90mins
Learning objective(s): 
  • To practise using the second conditional when talking about imaginary situations and their imaginary results at no particular time (ie past, present or future)
  • Practising forming the 2nd conditional from notes written in the present simple

Key skills: Speaking. 
Resources required: 

  • Worksheets provided
  • Background music might help cover up what the other group/s are saying.
  • Learners Dictionaries (Maybe even ones the students have downloaded as apps)

Download the Lesson Plan and Worksheets