FREE WEBINAR featuring Alan Marsh & Antonia Claire

Check out a free webinar where Antonia Clare and Alan Marsh talk about their book. The Creative Teacher’s Compendium.

There are some great practical activities demonstrated (it’s interactive) and some really interesting offers

( e.g. a big discount on the book if you attend) and links from Pavilion. Freebies are included, too.

A recording of the session and a CPD certificate of attendance are also sent to attendees. 5 pm CET on Wednesday 30th September.

ELT – Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

Our desire as teachers to be creative and to encourage our learners’ creativity are prime motivating factors in our own professional self-development and self-renewal. Yet there is often a tension perceived between ‘being creative’ in our lessons and the demands of standardised curricula and testing.  In this interactive talk, Antonia and Alan will explore reasons why they believe it is so important to resolve that tension – to teach the syllabus in creative ways. They will also offer practical ideas from their new book The Creative Teacher’s Compendium to help you become that flamingo in your teaching.​​​​​​​