Why can’t I say it?

Language is a funny old thing. We master it, we use it, we play with it, we express ourselves with it and, indeed, to a great extent, we define ourselves by the ways we exploit it. Yet sometimes it springs a surprise on us, and we’re left perplexed and a little helpless. Have you ever, …

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TEFL: The Way Forward

TEFL: The Way Forward The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all and here in Malta the tourism industry has been hit particularly hard. And so have private language schools. Dramatic Drop At the moment, many are reluctant to travel as airports and flights seem to be at greater risk – or at least, that is …

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Timelines and Concept Questions

Most of my students learning English seem to rate their progress in the language, by the amount of tenses they ‘know’. I’ve deliberately put ‘know’ in parenthesis, as the the word seems to have different definition to different learners.  Here are a few definitions: 1.     I ‘know’ a tense because I have been shown how it …

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